Craig Townsend, Mental Trainer, Motivator, Speaker

Craig Townsend (Dip. Clin Hyp)
Mental Trainer / Motivator / Speaker
"Whatever your Mind can conceive and believe,
it can achieve"
Napoleon Hill

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Topics To Build Your Corporate Seminar - Success, Sales, Creativity, Stress Management, Health....

Any, or all, of the following subjects can be incorporated into your next training seminar - and during the online booking process, you have the ability to choose the exact subjects you would like either emphasised or included in the presentation:

Accelerated Goal Achievement
Accelerated achievement of goals in all areas through powerful mind methods.

Dealing With And Embracing Change
Most people resist change, yet it is an inescapable fact of life, which we need to progress, evolve and be happy. Outlines methods for dealing with and embracing change in everyday life and business.

Increasing Sales
A refreshingly unusual perspective and corresponding methods to vastly increase sales.

Healing Abilities Of Your Mind & Body
The natural healing capabilities of the mind and body, and methods to accelerate the healing process.

Creating A Success Mindset
Discusses how to develop a powerful mindset which attracts success like a magnet in all areas of life.

Quick & Effective Stress Management
Discover how to relax and de-stress easily, effortlessly and as quickly as possible. Methods are fully explained and the audience can be taken through some relaxation exercises.

Accelerated Learning
Discover how to master new skills in one third of the time, using your highly powerful subconscious mind.

Developing / Tapping Into Creativity and Imagination
Shows transformational methods and exercises to increase creativity and tap into new ideas - and always lots of fun too!

Boosting Self-Confidence and Esteem
How to empower yourself with confidence and enhance the results in every area of your life.

Developing Intuition For Problem Solving
How to develop the knack of making the right decison, and choosing the right solution, everytime - the most-used method of the Fortune 500 group in America.

Moving Beyond Fear
The secrets of overcoming paralysing fear preventing us from moving outside our comfort zones - and how to break through barriers and overcome obstacles.

Wisdom Of The Ages Principles
Ageless laws which govern life, success and business.

Mental Training For Sports - and Business
Powerful mental training methods for sports improvement which can also be applied to business and everyday life.

Biography - Craig Townsend

Craig Townsend - mental trainer, hypnotherapist and speaker, is Director of It's Mind over Matter in Sydney, Australia, and has worked across the vast areas of sport, business and personal development for over a decade. He inspires, creates vision and teaches cutting-edge skills to extract the utmost from all his clients.

Beginning his working life as a tennis coach in 1980, Craig began researching and experimenting with various methods of tapping the mind's potential, combining the subjects of hypnosis, auto and hetero-suggestion, deep relaxation, personal development, meditation, visualization, motivation, NLP, the Silva Method, positive thinking, psychology, mind/body medicine, Zen and other eastern philosophies to create a highly effective mental training programme which delivers impressive results.

Deciding to move from tennis coaching, he completed a Diploma in Travel and Tourism in 1988, and began working with Qantas Jetabout in North Sydney in the Reservations area, where he set their annual sales record in his first year. Realising that his career path was destined for the motivational area, Craig left the travel industry and began his own mental training and motivational business - his vast knowledge has led him to lecture across a broad cross-section of the community - business, sport and private practice.

Craig lectures to major corporations in Australia such as Fujitsu and The Institute of Chartered Accountants, and was the closing speaker for the 4 day Annual Meeting for the Comverse Network Systems (World Group) in Phuket, Thailand. He also worked with National and international athletes and coaches, The Royal Sydney Golf Club, the NSW State Swim Teams, the Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association, and even with cancer patients at major hospitals.

In 1997 he achieved a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy at the NSW School of Hypnotic Science and went on to create a vast array of mental training programs and products. Studying internet marketing and teaching himself website-building skills, he has created his own empire of websites through which he markets his products all over the world, through websites such as rat exterminator, seo chicago, rat exterminator and of course,

His articles have appeared in 5 editions of the official Journal of the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association in 2002, and also in several editions of the Italian swimming magazine Nuotare Magazine. Craig was commissioned to write 2 complete modules of an international swimming and leisure qualification created by US aquatic research company Poseidon Tech, which is to be used by many of the major world leisure and swimming organizations.

Craig speaks passionately in a vibrant and refreshing manner, passing on his methods of transformation to those who seek greater achievement and fulfillment in their lives.

Speaking Style

Craig has a unique ability to motivate, inspire and inform simultaneously. Craig is one of Australia's most powerful speakers and, as shown by the wide range of topics above, has many different subjects he can include in his presentations. Consequently he can tailor his vast knowledge to the audience exactly as you would like, as he will tailor his material to suit your conference theme and your objectives.

Craig specialises in how his audience can achieve their dreams, plus live and work on a more powerful level.Craig offers real methods of transformation for business and personal life, plus the ability to think in new and creative ways.

Contact Details

Craig can be contacted on: 0413 010 700 (from outside Australia +61 413 010 700) or at the office on: 02 9453 9444.

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