Another Great Nutrition Plan To Help You Lose Chin Fat

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In this article I talked about a great nutrition plan that can definitely help you get rid of double chin fat.

I said in that post, sound nutrition actually removes fat from your entire body including your face.  You can’t really just lose fat from your face or from any other are

Anyway, today I want to share another great nutrition plan.  Well actually it’s a book that contains a great nutrition plan as well as some overall exercise routines that I really like.

The book is called, “The Four Hour Body” and it’s by Tim Ferris.  It’s well written , amusing, and the information is fantastic!  The nutrition plan is super easy to follow and the food is inexpensive, quick, and easy to prepare

The exercise routines, though sometimes a little strange, are also generally easy to follow and don’t take a lot of time to perform.

Both my wife and I have had great results on this diet.  We both still prefer the Perricone Three Day Face Lift plan from the earlier post but it is a lot more work to prepare the meals and the food is quite a bit more expensive too.

I tend to pick and choose meals from different plans that I know work and kind of make up my own plan.

Sometimes that’s hard if the different plans have different strategies behind them but I figure if I try it and am happy withe the results, why not.

I also only like nutrition plans that focus on overall health and as a result just naturally cause you to lose weight rather than ones that help you lose weight at all costs.

Back to the Tim Ferris plan.  There aren’t a lot of of food choices on it but the meals are satisfying and I really seem to have a lot fewer cravings for unhealthyb foods while I’m on the plan

So give this a try and see if it doesn’t help you lose your double chin.