Cake Decorating 101

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Decorating a cake is not as hard as it can appear. Even a beginner can finish with a beautifully decorated creation. You just need a few basic supplies and a creative imagination as well as some uninterrupted time.

Start with your favorite cake. You can use any shape or size. Layers as well as single cakes can come out well too. Start with whatever you are comfortable with. Know your limits and stick to what you can do with your supplies.

Make sure your cake is completely cooled. This is very important. A warm cake will make the frosting run and ruin the decorations. Layers will not stay together and decorations will fall off. If you are taking the time to make something special start with a well cooled cake.

Next make your frosting. Make a little extra to make up for mistakes. You can make your own or buy it. Butter-cream frosting that hardens works best if you are going to add frosting decorations. The frosting decorations will stick to the butter cream frosting and will hold its shape. If you are going to use sprinkles or small items your favorite frosting will do.

Frost your cake using clean utensils. Spread the frosting to the desired thickness. If you are adding frosting decorations do so now. Pipe the frosting into shapes or designs according to what your occasion is. You can buy tips and frosting tubes to make the designs you desire. They work well and are great for the beginner as well as the talented pro. Practice with the tubes of frosting on a piece of paper first. This will help you get a feel for the grip and pressure you will need to decorate your cake.

For those of us who would love to but just can’t get it there are always mini toys, flowers or cookies or candy to top our cakes with.

When the cake is completely decorated and you have let it sit for 1/2 hour you need to cover it. There are a few ways to do this. If your cake is in a pan that has a cover put it on. You need to be careful not to ruin your hard work. You can carefully put toothpicks into the top of your cake and then cover with tinfoil or handy wrap. Put the toothpicks in spots that will be covered later with candles or other decorations. Put the candles in and then cover with a covering. The toothpicks and candles will hold the covering above the frosting and will keep your beautiful cake from being damaged. Anything that is hard on your cake will hold the covering and protect your frosting decorations.

Store your cake in a cool location or the refrigerator until you are ready to show it off. Heat and humidity will make your frosting and decorations melt. Transport your cake in a flat pan or on the floor of your car. Serve your cake and eat it as soon as you arrive or have eaten your meal. The fresher the cake the better your guests will like it.