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Eating out is sometimes unavoidable.  Shopping chores can keep us away from home for hours.  Travel keeps us from our own kitchens too.  Therefore, some fast food tips for diabetics are essential.  Planning, choices and tricks can help one cope with one´s diabetes while eating out.

Type 2 diabetes is a bit different from type 1.  And, depending on the severity of the illness, some discretion and primary care or dietitian consultation may be advised. People who don’t have diabetes can also use the following tips.

Planning for a fast food meal out can save money and be beneficial to one’s diet.  This process involves keeping a food journal and knowing about food portion sizes and exchanges.  The glycemic index can be useful.  But, it shouldn’t replace exchanges.  Keeping a small to-go bag by the door for any trip away from the home can help manage blood sugar levels and fast food choices. lists for fast food restaurants.

A small backpack with bottled water and ready to eat snacks can be useful.  Menu’s and nutrition guides for your favorite restaurants with healthier choices marked are also a good choice.  Fast food nutrition lists.  Healthy snack choices can be things like small packages of nuts, Freeze dried fruits with no added sugar (like from Brother’s All natural), or some protein bars.

We don’t always make the best choices when we’re hungry, when our mouth is bone dry, or when fatigue breaks down our resolve and good judgment.  Planning where and what to eat ahead of time will keep one on track.  The water and snacks one takes with them (every time) can act as a physical or psychological buffer against ordering too much or the wrong things at the counter or drive-thru.

Choices one can make at a fast food restaurant go beyond just ordering salad.  Sometimes we just need something hot to warm our tummies.  Start by ordering child’s meals.  Men or athletes may require a little more.  Additional items like a snack wrap (where one doesn’t eat all of the flour tortilla) or chicken nuggets may fill the gap for those people.

Don’t drink soda or juice.  Opt for weak tea (unsweet) or water.  Ask for a large unsweet tea with ice filled to the top or ask for a half water and half tea mix.  Black tea can steal water from the intestines just like type 2 diabetes.

Meal choices at fast food places may involve just a sandwich and drink (tea or water).  At least half the bun can be removed from sandwiches in most cases.  If lettuce and tomato are not included, try the sandwich plain or plain with cheese.

CHICKEN:  If a chicken sandwich is desired, either opt for a grilled one or eat the breaded one without any bun or condiments at all.  Skip the dipping sauce on nuggets or strips.  On whole chicken pieces, remove the skin with all the breading.  Avoid chicken altogether if one’s blood type is AB. blood type diet.  book.

FRIES:  If the fast food place sells packaged fruit (like apples at McDonald’s), opt for those instead of fries.  If one can’t resist the fries, opt for a small size.

DRESSING:  To reduce the amount of salad dressing used, try it on the side.  Dip each fork-full into the dressing.  To use even less dressing, dip the fork tines into it first then get the salad on it.  To extend a small amount of salad dressing, add a bit of cottage cheese to it.

ASIAN: Avoid the breaded and/or deep fried chicken if possible.  If not possible, delete the rice from the plate.  Too many fast carbohydrates will turn to sugar in the blood too fast.  Fill up on a bit of salad before eating the main menu items to limit temptation. 

MEXICAN:  Allow the refried beans (especially if they don’t contain lard).  These will add a bit of protein and fiber.  Skip the rice if possible. 

PIZZA:  Order the thin crust to reduce the amount of bread.  Have a side salad with dressing on the side.

BUFFET:  American food fare buffet restaurants usually have a salad bar.  If one is lucky enough to get fresh broccoli and toasted almond slices on the salad bar, this makes for a good combination of food.  Eat a bit of both in the same mouthful.  This is great for people who don’t like fresh broccoli.  Broccoli is a super food for those who have type 2 diabetes and other health problems. 

Buffet foods that are hard to resist can be eaten in very small portions.  Try a tablespoon size on those and exercise some restraint on the number of those bad foods.

Fast food tips.