How to Heal Cough Which Accompanied by Flu?

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Coughing is a common disease and is considered normal. In the weather conditions which are often uncertain, this can become cough be a seasonal disease, and  usually accompanied by flu. There are 2 kinds of cough which is a dry cough and cough with phlegm. Cough that is accompanied by flu is usually accompanied by sputum, and often referred to as cough with phlegm or cough wet. Conversely, if there is a foreign object into the respiratory tract and cause irritation than coughing will dry sore throat. It’s called a dry cough.

Dry cough and cough with phlegm have different treatment. We need to know that this drug on the market as a drug supply OTC (Over The Counter) of drugs that can be freely sold and purchased without a prescription. For dry cough, can be treated with drugs belonging antitusif, such as dextromethorphan. It works is to decrease activity antitusif cough center. As for the flu, is treated with drugs for example decongestants, ephedrin, phenilephrin. Decongestants work by narrowing blood vessels in the nose and sinuses, reduce swelling, and also dries the nose.

Usually the patient coughs and colds are also experiencing allergies. Allergies can be treated with antihistamines. Histamine is one of the substances released by the body when infected with flu viruses on the center, histamine binds to receptors on cells and trigger itching, sneezing and increased production of mucus. Giving an antihistamine such as trying to difenhidramin can not bind to histamine receptors that can cause these symptoms. In addition to functioning as allergy, can also press difenhidramin cough.