How to Make Sure Your Teeth and Gums are Healthy

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If you don’t take care of your teeth you don’t just risk getting cavities and gum disease , but you also risk doing damage to the rest of your body. People with gum disease, for example, have a much higher risk of having heart problems. That is why you need to take really good care of your teeth, gums and mouth and in this article we’ll explore a few ways that you can make that easier for yourself.

A toothache is one of the most painful experiences a person can have. If you have a bad toothache, it’s time to see a dentist, but very often you can’t get an appointment right away. This is when you need to find some fast relief and there are some specific remedies that can be very useful here. Clove oil is probably the best known toothache remedy, and you can find this in pharmacies as well as natural food stores.

It’s also possible to use powdered cloves–putting a pinch of them in the place that hurts. Garlic is another great toothache remedy because it is a natural antibiotic which means that it is really good at treating infections. Placing crushed garlic on the affected area can reduce pain and inflammation until you can get to the dentist.

Lots of people focus on whitening their teeth more than they do on the actual health of their gums and teeth. While it’s nice to have white teeth, this really shouldn’t be your main concern when it comes to the condition of your teeth. In fact, you can actually cause damage to your teeth with many whitening products. Most whiteners are highly acidic and can strip away the protective enamel coating that keeps your teeth healthy. So, even though your teeth might be whiter, they will also be more susceptible to damage. Products that have bleaching agents in them, can also do damage to your lips or gums and can even be very painful. You need to be careful about using products that are created specifically for whitening products and it is important to make sure that you ask your dentist which ways are best for keeping your smile white.

The active ingredient in most toothpastes is fluoride, but many health experts believe that fluoride may have harmful side effects, especially in large quantities. Recently even mainstream researchers have started to state their concern about the widespread use of fluoride in drinking water. You don’t have to use a fluoride based toothpaste; there are herbal based toothpastes that are quite effective in preventing tooth decay. You may also want to look into ayurvedic herbs and toothpastes, which are all natural and have been used in India for thousands of years. The neem twig is a traditional remedy for preventing tooth and gum disease and is one of the main ingredients in many ayurvedic toothpastes. Chewing on neem twigs is also a traditional practice for keeping the teeth and the gums healthy.

It’s possible to maintain healthy teeth and gums just by paying more attention to your diet and daily habits. The tips and tricks we’ve talked about in this article can be quite useful in your maintaining proper oral health when you actually use them on a regular basis. Sure there might come a time when dental procedures are needed to treat a large problem, but for the most part prevention is the best approach.