Manifest $5,200/Month In Residual Income

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by ginasands

Why The Secret Has to Work for Me

My intent is to manifest a residual income of $5,243.70 per month This is my intention. Not only will this provide a comfortable financial cushion for me, but for the other 210 members of my site.

I have written down my goals. I have a definite plan to achieve them.

I believe that under the impelling power of the supreme spirit, people’s affairs will be so ordered that my intention will become their intention. Other people’s legitimate business transaction s will be so directed that what is perceived, believed and acted on will come to me.

My thoughts make all things, animate and inanimate, work to bring us what we want. Our personal activity is such that we have created the methods so that we can RIGHTLY receive what we want.

We will give every person more in use value than he/she provides in cash value.

We are using the scientific use of thought to form a clear and distinct mental image of what we want. We are holding fast to our purpose to get what we want. And we realize with grateful faith that the manifesting of 210 individuals who can SEE a vision , can grasp and vision and prosper because of that vision.

I am a 59 year old grandmother on welfare with a total income of $155 dollars and food stamps worth $155.00 I am college educated with a winning personality. I live with my two daughters in a nice rented house but I want more for my life.