Natural cough remedies : the Alternative

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Even after all the scientific advancement, chronic diseases are best cured by natural or herbal methods. There are many natural dry cough remedies, which unlike allopathic suppressants completely cure the cough naturally. Cough is the result of irritants in your body. You cough to release the mucus stuck in your air passages. There are four different types of coughs, and for all of them there are different natural cough remedies.

Mostly people think that drinking warm stuff would help in curing cough naturally, this is not true. There are certain cold things too which can make you feel better during coughs.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies for cough helps to clear the air passages and are the most common natural remedies for cough. Mostly herbal remedies are taken in the form of syrup. You can also buy these herbal syrups but making them yourself would sound more like natural remedies. The best herbal ingredients for curing cough naturally are thyme, onion, marshmallow roots and Echinacea.

  • For dry cough you can take 8 tsp of marshmallow syrup. If you want to prepare it at home, then take a marshmallow root. Boil it in water and add honey in it. It prevents your throat from getting dry and husky. This is one of the most effective remedies.
  • For the chesty types of cough, thyme, bisal, and liquorice is the best. You can take their syrups from any nearby herbal store. Thyme acts like an antiseptic for the lungs. It reduces the affect of irritants and clears the air passage. Liquorice acts an anti inflammatory and anti irritant. However, it should be taken very carefully. Pregnant women must not take it at all. Thyme is an effective natural cough remedy.
  • If your cough is followed by mucus secretion or mostly commonly known as yellow discharge then you can take onion syrup. Onion syrup should be freshly made at home. You need a large onions honey or brown sugar. Cut small pieces of onions, or chop it finely. You can also cut straight thin slices of onion. Put these slices in a bowl and cover these slices with honey or brown sugar. Make two or three layers and then leave it covered for a while. After some time you will see that sugar has extracted the juice out of onion. This is your onion syrup for cough, a natural cough remedy.

For allergic coughs, like asthma, coughs during pollen season, heartburn, chronic bronchitis etc you need some professionally made natural syrups. It is the best if you buy these from some nearby herbal shop. Many people try to make it at home but they don’t have the same effect as the one professionally made. It involves proper measurement of ingredients.

Natural cough remedies:

Other than herbal remedies, there are some simple homemade natural cough remedies too. Honey, always plays an essential role in curing chronic diseases. It is the best home prepared medicine for all chronic diseases. Honey is the only sweet which comes only with benefits. You can use honey for curing cough in many different ways. Boil a glass of water and add a tbs of honey in it. Gargle with it. It would clear the air passage. You can also boil water with honey and add lemon juice in it. Combination of honey and lemon are the most common natural cough remedies.

  • Garlic and ginger are antiseptic. Boil garlic in hot water, till the color changes. Add a tsp of honey in the water before drinking for good taste. You can also make ginger and olive oil paste. apply this paste on your chest and put hot water bottle on it. This would relax your muscles and give soothing affect. An effective and fast natural cough remedy
  • Take a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Add them in boiling water. Cover your head with a soft towel and breathe the steam. Instantly you will feel your throat clearing and your nose will start running. This is one fast natural cough remedy.
  • Another natural cough remedy is hot milk with mustard powder and honey. You might have heard of this remedy when searching for skin remedies. Mustard powder can do miracles. Warm a cup of milk. Add a pinch of mustard powder in it. Honey can be used to make it taste better.
  • Lemon, though usually considered as one of the things aggravating cough can actually help you cure it. Lemon is not acidic, it has alkaline nature. You can take half lemon juice. Add a pinch of pepper and wasabi paste. Mix it up and heat it in the microwave for only 30 seconds. Consume it directly or with water. Lemon is a good natural cough remedy.

The conclusion

Natural cough remedies have no side effects. Also, they ensure permanent cure. We have known these homemade remedies from a very long time. Our forefathers used to benefit from the same homemade remedies. Honey, garlic, ginger, lemon and cinnamon are the best ingredients for curing cough at home. You can use it in any form you wish; they would help you cure your cough instantly. Natural cough remedies are indeed the best way to cure cough.