“Squat it like it’s Hot” Workout

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Whelp…Henry and I had our first visit to the ER the other night. Except it was for me, not him!

**Disclaimer – if you’re squeamish with blood talk, continue reading with caution**

So I decided to make some homemade sweet potato chips and I used a mandolin in order to make the slices as uniform as possible. What I didn’t plan for was to slice my finger, too! Eek! I was able to (kind of) patch it up at first, but it just would not stop bleeding even hours later so to the hospital we went!

Henry was such a trooper! We got to the hospital around 6:30p and didn’t leave until after 8p. He was so good throughout it, though; especially considering he’s been going to bed around 7p lately.

I did end up making the chips and they were pretty darn good – although I wouldn’t say they were worth losing a finger for! (Just kidding – I really only sliced off the tip of the finger pad, but it was enough to need three pieces of mesh to stop the bleeding.)

I meant to take a picture of them, but by the time I got home from the hospital, I was famished! Those things were gone way faster than I would like to admit…

This weekend I was planning to take pictures of exercises I commonly use in workouts so you have that as a guide; however, that will have to be put off for a bit since I now have E.T.’s finger to work around.

But, I do have a workout for you that I made up and completed before slicing my finger:

This workout puts a lot of focus on your anterior chain (quads, chest, abdominals, anterior deltoids). The 1-Arm Press Up Pyramids are one of my favorite total body exercises. They are tough, so know it’s an advanced movement that you can work up to.

Exercise Descriptions:

1-Arm Press Up Pyramid:

(#1) Starting position: Keep hand close to chest, other on glute. You will press up till torso is completely off ground, arm fully is fully extended (#2). This is level 1 (for beginners, just work on this movement).

From there, point toes, contract glutes, lock knees into extension and lift hips off ground into pyramid position (#3).

It’s important to keep both hips and shoulders square to ground. Engaging your core will help with this.

Thrusters – holding plate/barbell/DB/KB at chest level, dip down into deep squat. Explode up, pressing weight overhead. This is 1 rep. (I use a weight plate)

Dive Bomber – start in downward dog position. “Scoop torso through into Upward dog, making sure to get as low as possible in middle.

Bulgarian Split Squat + Dumbbell Raise: Alternate adding a lateral shoulder raise and front raise with DBs as you rise from the squat.

Dumbbell Fly: Keep a slight bend in elbows throughout entire movement. Make sure to work through full range of motion.

Pistol Squat: Try to keep raised leg extended throughout movement. Keep control of body throughout – don’t just “fall” to bench”. Focus on maintaining joint alignment (i.e. hip, knee, and ankle are always in same plane as each other. Don’t let your knee lean in or out.) It helps to focus on a single point ahead of you.