Unwise Practices that Lead to Weight Gain

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Some dieters lose weight by making sure that they exercise portion control. Ideally, this means that they can control their cravings for food. This is quite a good practice because we all know that the more you eat the fatter you become. Thus, it only follows that controlling the urge to overeat can help ease off weight gain. There are those dieters who have no problem controlling their food cravings; on the other hand though, there are also some of those who have the irresistible urge to eat. These dieters try to ward off weight gain by indulging in their desire to eat but limiting the portions of the food they consume.

To the outside observer, this might be a helpful activity which can strike a balance between fulfilling the appetite while exercising potion control. What very few people know is that there is also a particular danger to this practice.

Some health experts forayed into a thorough research about weight gain. Particularly, they ventured into a study to determine whether controlling the portion of the food we eat can indeed induce weight loss.

Accordingly, the result of the study was that although exercising portion control has an impact on managing weight, a person who lives a sedentary lifestyle cannot benefit much from this technique. Moreover, resorting to the adherence of this technique often leads to a slowed down metabolism. To those who are not much familiar with the concept of metabolism, a slowed down metabolism might not seem like such a big deal, but that’s where most dieters’ pursuit for weight loss fails.

According to the study conducted by the researchers, a slowed down metabolism is the result of difficult digestion. Someti9mes, it is also the result of following too many fad diets in one lifetime. Suffice it to say; even exercising portion control cannot suffice in maximizing weight loss. Rather, it can only lead to further complications.

Some people have made changes in their eating habits by eating with more frequencies but consuming less food that they usually do for each meal. This is supposed to help them lose weight but in reality, this technique cannot help much because of the concept called food addiction. Accordingly, when a dieter becomes addicted to a particular type of food, it doesn’t matter whether that person tries to control his or her consumption because after a while, the dieter would already be hooked to that food type. Unfortunately, our nibbli8ng on the food we enjoy too much would lead to diet failures because this would make us cheat on our dieters every so often.

For those who would need to lose weight, the best option is to make wise lifestyle choices not by limiting our food intake, but by getting used to ingesting healthy foods particularly, those foods that are laden with fiber, calcium, vitamins and minerals, and potassium.

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