Which Pizza is better Chicago Style or new York Style – New York

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Although there is no doubt that Chicago Pizza has its merits, New York Style pizza, which is the dominant pizza seen throughout the world, is clearly best. While many people have their opinions on which style pizza is best, I firmly believe that New York pizza is better for many reasons. Look on google images for the picture of a typical pizza and you will find a pizza that more closely resembles the New York style than the Chicago style. Below, I have outlined the many areas in which New York style pizza trumps the deep dish Chicago style pizza.

1. Number of Calories

In general, the deep dish nature of Chicago pizza results in more dough, which is higher in carbohydrates. If you have ever heard the word Atkins before, you understand why this can be a problem. The thinner crust of a New York style pizza does not make it a healthy option but certainly makes it healthier than its deep dish, carb heavy counterpart.

2. Ease of eating

New York Pizza is much easier to eat than Chicago pizza. Chicago pizza is often described as a “restaurant pizza” since it needs to be eaten with a knife and fork. This transforms pizza into a more formal food item, although it is more commonly remembered for its street food roots. Conversely, New York pizza is famously folded over and eaten in a hand-held fashion, which is commonly seen on the streets of Manhattan and around the world. The versatility of being able to eat pizza standing up without the shackles of cutlery is a no doubt a plus for the New York Pizza.

3. Worldwide credibility

While Chicago pizza is a regional favorite and is well known, its credence does not come close to that which is ascribed to New York pizza, which has more of a global reputation. One could surmise that the superior pizza might gain a superior reputation and as such, we can consider this as a benefit to New York Pizza.

As I have outlined in this article, there is certainly many areas in which New York pizza is superior to Chicago style Pizza. I am a lover of both types of pizza myself but if I was forced to decide, it seems clear that the facts are in favor of New York being considered king of the American pizza universe for all of the reasons I described.